Monthly Archives: January 2014

Archipelago: The Island Institute Store

Rockland, Maine… only a few years back visitors would find more or less a fishing village with a few clothing stores, a sandwich shop or two and a pub or three. It is quite a different story now. Rockland is a full blown gallery town. There are at least 14 art galleries in the downtown  […]

Winter Survival Kit: Think Outside the Box

Most of us Mainers will admit to going a bit crazy heading into the second half of winter, from spending so much time inside, no doubt. What better way to keep sound in mind than to tap into our creative side. In my experience there are three ways to eliminate that feeling of being closed […]

Winter Survival Kit: A Place to Connect

83% of Americans drink 587 millions cups of coffee every day. After oil, coffee is the most valuable commodity in the world. 54% of coffee drinkers say that coffee makes them feel more like their selves. Is it any wonder we are passionate about our coffee? Look at that, it’s a little cup of sunshine […]

Winter Survival Guide: Eye Candy and Comfort Food

Cabin fever already!!? Gotta get out of the cabin! My husband and I decided to take a 30 minute trip down the coast to Damariscotta. Right on route 1,just before taking a left to head into town, on the left, is River Arts Gallery. River Arts Gallery The non-profit gallery supports many talented artists by […]