Monthly Archives: April 2014

Who Am I?

The movie, “Who Am I?”, took Jackie Chan from fringe martial arts guru to cult classic icon instantly. No doubt because most of us can relate to the concept of stumbling through one situation after another, trying to figure out who we are. A question so popular, especially today, as evidenced by the amount of […]

“It Looks Like A Rather Blustery Day, Today!”

In my minds eye I see the illustration of Piglet flying off into the sky with Winnie the Pooh holding on tight to his scarf strings. Always wished I could actually fly! Actually thought I just might be able to the other day. “Oh I know today is Windsday And this is how I know […]

Plein Air or Studio Painting

Plein Air Painting in Port Clyde Impressionists, realists, and abstract artists alike find no lack of inspiration in Maine. The landscape is raw, rugged, reflective. Peeling paint, rusted metal, greens and blues and fog…. compel the viewer to contemplation. Birch Point State Park Coastal Maine Workshops offers large studio space, lavish personal attention, and master […]

Shop Like A Tourist: In Rockland

It’s mud season, yup, it is. Let me tell you a story about mud season. Upon moving from Connecticut to Maine, my husband and I quickly found that things aren’t always as it seems in the great North. Aroostook County is a raw place, somewhat on the wild side, rural beyond anything we had experienced. […]


Art Jewelry Shibuichi Piece with Blue Silver Bells2

….means by which we assimilate an experience, event, or series of incidents or occurrences. Our brain collects information and tries to make sense of it. In the short term, it can take 24 hours, as in how we process the days activity with dream and sleep. Or in the long term, possibly months or years, […]