Monthly Archives: May 2014

Seeds of Inspiration

Vase with opening for draping flowers

Walking into the studio of Richard Robertson was overwhelming. Expansive and filled with an incredible array of pieces and materials and tools, I at once imagined the hours, no years of dedication to the craft. Richard has been making pottery for 37 years. He was first introduced to the craft at the Mendocino Arts Center […]

Maine Craft Association Gallery, just off the interstate

Center for Maine Craft

You wouldn’t really expect to find an art gallery at a service plaza right off the highway. Genius actually. What better place to find a little something to bring home to the family from vacation.   At the Center for Maine Craft in Gardiner, where both 95 and 295 converge, you are sure to find […]

28,000 Tulips

Azaleas and quince are in bloom. Rhododendrons are just about to open and  lady slippers are just peaking their heads up. And oh yes, the tulips, all 28,000 of them.    Free admission to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine is available Memorial Day. If you can catch a few hours in between the raindrops […]

Cheese makers extraordinaire

David Baker, Cheese maker extraordinaire

What does 10,000 gallons of milk have to do with the small coastal town of Rockport? Everything! Rockport Marketplace is home to a wonderful artisan cheese maker, State of Maine cheese. Upon my arrival to State of Maine Cheese, I was heartily greeted by Cathe Morrill, owner of the business since 1996. Why did you […]

Indiemade Review: Website Platform Not Just for Crafters

Are you an entrepreneur, artist, maker, photographer, performer? Perhaps you own a deli or coffee house or a small restaurant. The Indiemade web platform is designed just for you. I recently made the switch from Etsy to Indiemade. I wanted to eliminate my previous .com site that was hard to update and had no store. […]