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Karen Olson is a photographer, writer, and artist working in metal. Her blogs offer a global perspective, a celebration of art and culture. She 'lives like a tourist' in Midcoast Maine where she makes her home and finds inspiration for art and life in her travels. Follow her creative passion with Renuko Style at and Coastal Collage, a Bangor Daily News Blog at Karen's photography portfolio can be found at

Inactive but very much alive

Arenal and hot springs - Coastal Collage

Costa Rica road trip: Arenal Volcano Region The volcano was inactive for more than 400 years. In 1968 it violently¬† erupted, killing 87 people and destroying 3 small villages. From 1968 until 2010 the volcano remained active, drawing many visitors to view the spectacle. From 2010 until now, Arenal Volcano has been resting, reducing the […]

Where the jungle meets the sea

Sunrise at La Posada - Coastal Collage

Playa Carrillo Costa Rica It was Joe and Jane that recommended it. They were just finishing up their two week tour of Costa Rica and were taking one last look at Playa Flamingo. Their favorite stop…Playa Carrillo. We book a hotel with the most interesting reviews and off we go, driving from Tamarindo to Playa […]

Beach hopping – Costa Rica style!

Playa Flamingo - Coastal Collage

Endless Summer OK gang, before I take off to points south I’m going to leave you with a sure fire vacation plan for this year or next. Notice the heading? Endless summer. That’s right! This plan is guaranteed to make you forget there ever was a winter,¬†for sure man!! Book a 9 day trip to […]

Surfs up!

Surfs up at Play Grande - Coastal Collage

Costa Rica Travel, North Pacific Coast, Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande First up in my Costa Rica travel series is the Tamarindo area on the Pacific North coast. Looking for guaranteed sun and 85-90 degree weather, this is it! Tamarindo is absolutely a surfers paradise. There are at least 30 – no maybe 50 surf […]

Winter survival kit: get out of town!

Photo by Chalffy Chan

  Best cure for cabin fever – get out of the cabin! Whether it’s on a plane… Or on a train… Or on a really cool motorbike… Get out of town before you go stir crazy! Ok, easier said than done you say. All that planning and worrying and stuff and stuff. So I am […]

Tell your story – With dance!


Powerful, mindful, energetic, driven. Kea Tesseyman has taken her thirteen years as a dance instructor together with her positive life viewpoint and created an exciting dance company. Kinetic energy Alive Productions, Kea’s original company, harbors Power Performance Dance and Short film events, home to her method of storytelling with dance and film. Now in it’s […]

Is art dead?!

at the gallery - Coastal Collage

  If so, who is the perpetrator of this heinous crime?? No, seriously, art in Maine can’t be dead. Midcoast area artists and galleries abound. Huge crowds show up for Rockland Artwalk. Art and craft shows are plentiful throughout the year. Artists from all over the world come to Maine to drink in it’s beauty […]

Winter survival kit: photography projects

click by Mia Di Domenico

Winter’s chill winds are upon us! What’s a mother to do?!! Maybe you are not the type of person who enjoys trudging through the snow on snowshoes, and skiing and snow boarding, ahh, no, not so much. So let’s add to our winter survival kit – tools to help us survive the darker days and […]