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Squash blossoms for the everyday table

Female squash blossoms

It was late summer, 1979. My husband and I were just getting started with our house painting business in Connecticut. We landed a three story home owned by a very hospitable older Italian woman. She kindly asked us to have lunch in the garden with her. I was impressed by the garden, so beautiful and […]

Daylilies: plan now for next spring

All aboard for Columbus

This week I want to share with you these gorgeous lilies. The photos were taken at Merryspring Gardens just a couple of weeks ago. Although daylily bloom time is just about over, I thought the pics would be great for next years perennial garden planning. Let’s start out with this brilliant red-orange one, “All aboard […]

Connection with the land

Farm Knowledge by Abbie Read

What does dirt have to do with paint?? What do farms have to do with art?? Everything!! Not everyone who tills the soil can swing an artist’s paint brush, not everyone who creates detailed drawings can grow arugula. Maine Farmland Trust brings them together. Anna Abaldo, gallery curator at the Maine Farmland Trust gallery on […]

A tasting at Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery

Antique car at Sweetgrass Distillery

One at a time. That is how I will visit our Midcoast wineries. My daughter Joy and I did a wine tour once in Temecula, California. I couldn’t drink another glass of wine for 3 months!! Even though I limited my tastings to 12 varieties and only a sip or two of each it was […]

Quite possibly the best clam roll on the East Coast

Fried clam roll at Graffam Brothers

Day Trip: Rockport Memories of days spent with my Italian grandfather clamming and crabbing along the Connecticut shore always brings a smile to my face. It was great fun getting stuck in the mud flats and losing your sneakers. As a 7 year old, the mud would almost be up to my waist.¬† Afterward we […]

Cheese makers extraordinaire

David Baker, Cheese maker extraordinaire

What does 10,000 gallons of milk have to do with the small coastal town of Rockport? Everything! Rockport Marketplace is home to a wonderful artisan cheese maker, State of Maine cheese. Upon my arrival to State of Maine Cheese, I was heartily greeted by Cathe Morrill, owner of the business since 1996. Why did you […]

Mac and Cheese, the Universal Language

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit…..but there is certainly no doubt that many a friendship have been formed, contracts agreed upon, and family bonds forged over a meal. K.M. Robbins said it perfectly, “When lost for words or facing the language barrier, the gift of food and wine is often the perfect communication tool.” […]

Pierogis and Polkas

Poppy seed bread, kielbasa and sauerkraut, pierogis with applesauce and sour cream, and dancing the polka, these are the images from childhood that came rushing in as I sat in the dining room of Morse’s Kraut House. Morse’s Kraut House We just missed breakfast at the restaurant (they stop serving breakfast at 10:30) so we […]