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Reflections of an old school, homeschool mom

Exploration at Salt Lake City by Melinda Prophet

It’s decision-making time again. Do you send the kid back to school or bite the bullet and homeschool? Tough choice, either way. It has been 10 years since my last homeschool outing. I have seen the outcome of a variety of homeschool philosophies. Analyzing my methods and other homeschool methods, I ask, did they work, […]

6.5 Ways to reverse the effects of burnout


I don’t know how we got from the laid back, peace out,  flower child ways of the 60′s and 70′s to the highly productive, multitasking mania of the 80′s, 90′s, and on to today.  But one thing is for sure, we are all suffering the effects of the environment we created for ourselves. Multitasking was […]

28,000 Tulips

Azaleas and quince are in bloom. Rhododendrons are just about to open and  lady slippers are just peaking their heads up. And oh yes, the tulips, all 28,000 of them.    Free admission to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine is available Memorial Day. If you can catch a few hours in between the raindrops […]

Who Am I?

The movie, “Who Am I?”, took Jackie Chan from fringe martial arts guru to cult classic icon instantly. No doubt because most of us can relate to the concept of stumbling through one situation after another, trying to figure out who we are. A question so popular, especially today, as evidenced by the amount of […]

“It Looks Like A Rather Blustery Day, Today!”

In my minds eye I see the illustration of Piglet flying off into the sky with Winnie the Pooh holding on tight to his scarf strings. Always wished I could actually fly! Actually thought I just might be able to the other day. “Oh I know today is Windsday And this is how I know […]

Shop Like A Tourist: In Rockland

It’s mud season, yup, it is. Let me tell you a story about mud season. Upon moving from Connecticut to Maine, my husband and I quickly found that things aren’t always as it seems in the great North. Aroostook County is a raw place, somewhat on the wild side, rural beyond anything we had experienced. […]


Art Jewelry Shibuichi Piece with Blue Silver Bells2

….means by which we assimilate an experience, event, or series of incidents or occurrences. Our brain collects information and tries to make sense of it. In the short term, it can take 24 hours, as in how we process the days activity with dream and sleep. Or in the long term, possibly months or years, […]

Life Long Learning Through Play

‘It’s not work, it’s just play’…. my father’s words would ring in my ears my entire life. But not until recently did I understand the full import of this particular mantra of his. The value of child’s play has been a subject for discussion since the ’50′s. It is now well understood that play does […]

Mac and Cheese, the Universal Language

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit…..but there is certainly no doubt that many a friendship have been formed, contracts agreed upon, and family bonds forged over a meal. K.M. Robbins said it perfectly, “When lost for words or facing the language barrier, the gift of food and wine is often the perfect communication tool.” […]