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Maine Craft Association Gallery, just off the interstate

Center for Maine Craft

You wouldn’t really expect to find an art gallery at a service plaza right off the highway. Genius actually. What better place to find a little something to bring home to the family from vacation.   At the Center for Maine Craft in Gardiner, where both 95 and 295 converge, you are sure to find […]

Life Long Learning Through Play

‘It’s not work, it’s just play’…. my father’s words would ring in my ears my entire life. But not until recently did I understand the full import of this particular mantra of his. The value of child’s play has been a subject for discussion since the ’50’s. It is now well understood that play does […]


Imagining….the ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through the senses. Our imagination helps us to apply knowledge, solve problems, and integrate both experience and learning, essential for both children and adults. Paul Harris, a development psychologist and professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education states, “The imagination is absolutely vital […]