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Choreography in color

Where I begin by Jill Caldwell  30x30

You know the feeling….  you walk into a gallery and are drawn to a work of art. It’s as if a string is attached, pulling you toward the wall in it’s direction. You can’t help yourself, you are drawn in, compelled to study it. I love abstract art in all mediums. I connect with it. […]

American realism in Thomaston

Against the Rocks by Roger Dale Brown

Coming to Rockland to visit the Farnsworth Museum? I strongly suggest you plan a stop in Thomaston at the Haynes Gallery on Main St.  As you walk up the steps to the gallery, you are invited in by 2 friendly pups, Josie and her fluffy white side kick, Honey. The building is an old sea […]


Art Jewelry Shibuichi Piece with Blue Silver Bells2

….means by which we assimilate an experience, event, or series of incidents or occurrences. Our brain collects information and tries to make sense of it. In the short term, it can take 24 hours, as in how we process the days activity with dream and sleep. Or in the long term, possibly months or years, […]

Life Long Learning Through Play

‘It’s not work, it’s just play’…. my father’s words would ring in my ears my entire life. But not until recently did I understand the full import of this particular mantra of his. The value of child’s play has been a subject for discussion since the ’50’s. It is now well understood that play does […]