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I’d rather be in Paris!

Don't send bail

“It’s the art, it’s the food, it’s the architecture! I’d rather be in Paris ’cause I don’t understand the language. It makes life simpler.” Dona Bergen of Mars Hall Gallery just can’t get enough of Paris. It’s the place to be for an artist and gallery owner, like no other place. Come along on a […]

Choreography in color

Where I begin by Jill Caldwell  30x30

You know the feeling….  you walk into a gallery and are drawn to a work of art. It’s as if a string is attached, pulling you toward the wall in it’s direction. You can’t help yourself, you are drawn in, compelled to study it. I love abstract art in all mediums. I connect with it. […]

“It Looks Like A Rather Blustery Day, Today!”

In my minds eye I see the illustration of Piglet flying off into the sky with Winnie the Pooh holding on tight to his scarf strings. Always wished I could actually fly! Actually thought I just might be able to the other day. “Oh I know today is Windsday And this is how I know […]