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Connection with the land

Farm Knowledge by Abbie Read

What does dirt have to do with paint?? What do farms have to do with art?? Everything!! Not everyone who tills the soil can swing an artist’s paint brush, not everyone who creates detailed drawings can grow arugula. Maine Farmland Trust brings them together. Anna Abaldo, gallery curator at the Maine Farmland Trust gallery on […]

“Feeling the power of art”

Sculpture by Jessica Straus

“Creating community in harmony with nature through the trans formative power of the arts,” states the mission statement of Waterfall Arts in Belfast.   Formerly the Gov. Anderson school, the entire building is now dedicated to music, dance, print making, ceramics, drawing, and  painting. (I am sure I missed a few as well.) Classes and studio […]

Lynn Karlin, Journey to fine art photography

'Reliance' Peaches by Lynn Karlin

I am hard pressed to write about my interview with Lynn. So moved by her work, accomplishments, style, I feel her story of 40 years as a photographer would be better as a book. Lynn approaches life with determination and  flexibility. Her manner: attentive and bright. Lynn Karlin graduated from Pratt University in Brooklyn. Quickly […]