Pierogis with Shallots, Baby Kale, and Balsamic Reduction

serves 3-4 persons
1 package Bogusha’s cheese and potato pierogis, defrosted ( can use store bought in a pinch)
             Package contains 10-12 pierogis
4-6 bulbs of shallots
1 large package of Baby Kale, rinsed and spun in lettuce spinner ( a bit of water left helps in cooking)

about 1/4 cup of reduced balsamic vinegar

4 tablespoons of butter

Slice shallots lengthwise and thin. Saute until tender with just a hint of caramelization. Watch carefully as they tend to burn. Set aside.
Saute pierogis in the same pan in the remainder of the butter. Brown lightly on both sides. Set aside.
Put as much kale as possible in the saute pan, mounding high. Turn while cooking  and wilt until it is almost soft, leaving some slightly uncooked.
Plate and serve with a bit of sea or pink Himalayan salt on the kale. Drizzle  balsamic reduction over all.

approx 30 minutes cooking time